Designed and rendered
in Stockholm, Sweden

You know how plastic wrapping is often hard to cut off from the box? How it tangles and tears and rolls itself into a little ball?

That’s the fundamental insight that Ninjaplast built its new product around. Instead of the ordinary paper tear bar, the Ninjaplast box has a built-in cutting blade, making its wrapping “fumble free”. Kurppa Hosk was assigned to create a strong package design – one that emphasized the main product feature and would set Ninjaplast apart from the competition.




Made at Kurppa Hosk.


Ninjaplast_4B-2000x1333 Ninjaplast_2-2000x1333 Ninjaplast_6-2000x1333 Ninjaplast_5-2000x1333 Ninjaplast_B1-2000x1333